So how did I finally leave my job?

I told a colleague at work that I made some money online and through her I was invited to an event in London on "Internet Marketing", words I never heard before.

I met there someone that Mentor me since then on and my life starting changing faster than ever, I was ready to build a business I could live off for many years to come and I left my job.

I have travelled through 4 continents sharing my experience and training people. I must have recorded more than 1000 videos easily and I keep creating videos every week.

I have been looking forward to have finally after so many years a membership site where people could build a community, not just watch videos, a place where they can learn and learn from each other.

A place where I could share my experiences, mistakes and wins.

In the last 9 years I have made money doing all of the following:

- MLM (Multi level marketing)

- Affiliate Marketing

- PLR products marketing

- E-books to build a list and sold E-Books

- Content Marketing

- Webinars businesses to sell services or products and build lists

- E-Commerce / Shops

- Social Media Marketing business (selling stuff on Social Media)

- Ebay (selling on it and Ebay shop)

- Amazon ( How to create your own branded products from Chinese manufacturers and sell them on Amazon)

- Shopify & DropShipping (China and other countries)

- List building with Lead pages / Lead Magnets and Email Marketing

- Blog Marketing /Blogging, I have now the 4th most visited blog specialist on Social Media Worldwide.

- Digital products creation

- Public Speaking

- Workshops running

- Multi Speakers Conference organization

And I want to share with you what worked best and what works best now and what will work best in the future!